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FLASH NEWS : PARENTS GUIDE FOR NAVIGATING THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/21 || CIRCULAR-62 REVISED EXAMINATION DATES || Circular-64 Reopening of School for Grade 6 to 12 || Circular-57 Circular regarding Reopening of school English & Arabic || Circular-58 List of students opted for FTF & Bus details || Parent Circular from ADEK- Preparing for School || School Bag Policy || Circular-56 Access points & Timings for FTF || Circular 54,55 || Circular-50 Important Update on School reopening: Phased Reopening || CIRCULAR 49-Key Notes on Reopening of school || Parent Guide & FAQs || Circular-44: Reopening Model for School After summer break || Circular-42 Electronic Attestation of Mark sheets/TC || Circular-41 Announcement of AISSE(Grade -10) CBSE Result 2020 || Circular-40 Announcement of AISSCE(Grade -12) CBSE Result 2020 || CYBER SAFETY GUIDELINES AND CYBER LAWS || CIRCULAR-10 FOR E- LEARNING IN NEW ACADEMIC SESSION || Circular -11 on registration for admission || Letter to Parents from ADEK || Fee Circular for 2020-21 || Circular on Distance Learning during New Academic session || Circular for Distance Learning || Mandatory Questionnaire -Planned visits || Circular on EmSAT || CIRCULAR BY ADEK TO ENSURE HEALTHY AND SAFE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT || ADVISORY BY UAE HEALTH AUTHORITIES || Impact on External Assessment for Students || Circular on payment of Fee for the academic session 2020-21 || Circular-60 on admission test for Grade 10 || Circular by CBSE on Admission to Grade 10 & 12 on account of change of school || CIRCULAR ON SCREENING TEST FOR ADMISSION TO GRADE -11 (2020-21) || ADMISSION SCHEDULE 2020-21 ||
  • Activities

    As games and sports form an integral part of school activities, they are compulsory for all students.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to create an environment in which our children can foster retention.

Welcome to Ruwais

The Emblem of Asian International Pvt School symbolizes its inspiring motto ‘Read in the name of the Creator’ Our vision is to create an environment in which our children can foster retention and transfer their learning experiences into wider and higher areas .

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